Misting Products

We’ll provide you with the right misting products you need.

Misting Products

Misting Pumps
Mist Works high & mid-pressure misting pumps are of the highest quality; designed and built to NEMA 3 standards for environmental exposure. We design and build our pumps in the USA- Gulf Breeze FL. Pump warranties range from 1 to 2 years based on pump models mist works mist pumpsPremium Heavy duty high pressure mist pump built in USA by Mist Works.

High velocity outdoor wet area fans have sealed motors, OSHA guards or OSHA spacing for safety. We offer epoxy coated and stainless steel basket fans, and a large selection of barrel fans. 18" high velocity Fan - Misthigh velocity barrel fan 304 stainless -900x700.

Mist Fittings
Slip-lok (push-to-connect) and brass plumbing fittings for pumps and mist products. 3/8″ and 1/4″ Photo Coming Soon.

Misting Nozzles
Nickel plated, brass, cleanable, anti-drips, nozzle plugs, nozzles extensions…you name it, we will supply it! Cluster nozzle 5 tips Mist Works cleanable nozzles Mist Works nozzles 008 cleanable nozzle plugs mist works.

Water filtration systems are used in all of our systems to protect your products from harmful mineral buildup, and avoid costly damages and repairs later. Photo Coming Soon.

Misting Kits
Complete misting kits with or without mist pumps Gulf Breeze 10 Nozzle Mist Kit.

Portable Misting Fans
Portable misters are great for tailgating, parties, backyard, sporting events, warehouses, festivals, etc! We rent and sell portable mist fans for people that need portable heat relief!

Sports Mister Fan
Tornado 24 inch Fold Down Fan - 22 GAL tank -High Pressure Mist 800 PSI_Mist Works/Blizzard 36" Portable Mist Fan.

Specialty Misting Products
Custom mobile mist trailers built to your specs, beautiful courtyard lampposts with mist fans, fog effects, mosquito systems, umbrella and palm tree misters, and so much more!

Patio Heaters
Electric, natural gas, and propane heaters for home patios, restaurants, industrial areas, or anywhere else you need heat! Our heaters come from Canada where they know their heaters and these heaters are awesome! Some even come in custom colors~ varma ir energy patio heaters electricHabanero mist works radiant patio heaterGlass Tube Portable Patio HeaterHanging Heater Electric Evenglocustom color portable patio heaters Mist Works IR Energy.
Fans, pumps, and most specialty products built and/or assembled in USA!


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